• All effluent captured by the collection system.


  • Turbine wetting is a sign of an effective engine wash.


  • The collection system fits all types of engines.


  • AJW-114C is the most comprehensive and affordable system in the world


  • AJW-114C can easily be towed away.


  • Pure water going in, Dirty water coming out.


  • Filtration systems designed to de-ionize water and to treat the effluent for proper disposal.


  • Different units for different operators


  • Utilization of Long Probes (Lances or J Hooks) eliminates the opening of TRs.


  • AJW-114C



Welcome to Giti Tech Group (GTG)

Introducing the most comprehensive and affordable engine wash systems in the world today. If you are looking for a compact system that you can move in and around an airport, the AJW-114C is the perfect unit for you. This system not only uses 110 and 220 VAC it also de-ionizes the regular city water so you can inject mineral free de-ionized water into your precious engines. This system is entirely enclosed so extreme heat or cold will not effect the lines. This unit conveniently has a folding tow bar for ease of transport.

We have done extensive research, testing and using this system and have found that it would make a tremendous difference to your operation. According to Engine manufacturers' studies a compressor wash program when done right can save the operator between 0.3 to 2.0 percent in fuel costs every year. This could mean millions of dollars for major airlines and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for business/executive jet operators.

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